Are you interested in joining GIVE?

GIVE Fellows...

Explore new pathways for community and civic leadership.

Pursue tough questions to identify root problems.

Raise issues and go the extra mile to make change happen.

Envision possibilities when faced with a challenge.

Seek diverse perspectives to expand understanding.

Create space for authenticity and transparency.

STEP 1: Visit the main GIVE page

The main GIVE Page provides an introduction to the GIVE program and experience. Details about the 2021 GIVE Fellowship experience are provided in the application. Interested applicants should continue to step 2 to learn more about the GIVE program.

STEP 2: Learn more about GIVE by attending an event.

STEP 3: The application.

GIVE Application

The 2021 GIVE application is currently closed. Please check back in the Fall of 2021.

Supervisor and Reference Forms

When the application for the 2022 GIVE Fellowship opens you will be asked to send the supervisor approval form and reference form before starting the application to ensure your contacts submit the forms before the application deadline.

The 2021 GIVE Fellowship runs from April 7 – November 11.

The 2022 GIVE application will be posted in the fall of 2021. Dates related to the application will be posted here.

Round 1 | Application
Each application is reviewed by the Selection Committee. Applicants will complete the online application with short essays and the scholarship application (if applicable).

Two forms will be completed by other individuals: supervisor approval form and the professional reference form.

Round 2 | Phone Interview
Applicants who are selected to participate in round 2 will participate in a phone interview conducted by a Selection Committee member. 

Selection Committee
The Selection Committee is comprised of Business Volunteers staff members, GIVE Advisory Committee members, and GIVE Alumni Committee members. In considering the diversity of the class and the number of applications received, qualified candidates are not always accepted.

Before starting the application, applicants will review the following application requirements: the selection process (as described above), the fellowship commitment, requirements of the supervisor and reference forms, and the tuition.

Details, including dates of the GIVE program and the cost of tuition, are provided in the application.

Business Volunteers Maryland offers a limited number of Jim Brinkley Scholarships to nonprofit employees, participants paying out of pocket, and deserving community leaders that would not otherwise be able to participate. The scholarship application can be completed at the end of the application.

Jim Brinkley is a civic and philanthropic leader and champion of community change and impact. Business Volunteers created the Jim Brinkley GIVE Scholarship Fund in recognition of his contributions and leadership in the creation of Business Volunteers. The Fund supports talented professionals with an opportunity to participate in the GIVE program. 

Please note that full scholarships are not available. Partial scholarships may be awarded. Our giving capacity is limited and based on need, applicant quality, and availability.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by the selection committee. All applicants will be notified concerning their status at the time of admission.