Business Volunteers Maryland’s PENCIL Partnership Program

In 2011 Business Volunteers developed the PENCIL* (Public Education Needs Civic Involvement and Leadership) Program with a goal of helping to strengthen Baltimore City Public Schools and improve student achievement by developing and supporting long-term partnerships between businesses and public schools.

Our PENCIL Program builds and supports customized relationships between private sector partners and public school leaders to meet school needs and increase student achievement. Our five partnership focus areas are:

  1. School leadership
  2. School infrastructure
  3. Family engagement
  4. Student engagement
  5. College & career readiness

Currently, Business Volunteers supports 13 active partnerships between various City Schools and businesses in the greater Baltimore area through the PENCIL program.

For the 2016-17 school year, there are two ways businesses and individuals can support public schools:  serving on an A+ Board or through developing a school-business partnership.


A+ Boards for Schools

We are excited to announce the launch of a new phase of the PENCIL program, the creation of Advisory, or A+ Boards for Schools.  Through a partnership with the LEADERship and the generous support of Legg Mason, Business Volunteers will support schools in the creation of A+ Boards in City Schools.

Each A+ Board will consist of 5 or more professionals who are willing to lend their unique skills, talents and experience.  A+ Boards will work with school leaders and key staff to achieve programmatic and strategic goals aligned with the mission of the school.

Important Opportunity to Serve
Business Volunteers is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in contributing their time and talent as an A+ Advisory Board member.  By volunteering to serve on an A+ Board, you will play a critical role in transforming Baltimore City Public Schools.

Get involved today! If you are interested in serving as an A+ Advisory Board member, please complete the online School Advisory Board Member Interest + Application Form or contact Geoff Stack, Manager of Business & Community Relations, 410-366-6030 x213 or


School-Business Partnership

As a PENCIL partner, your business can provide on-going planning, technical assistance, and support services for a public school, including:

  • Staffing strategy & staff training
  • Implementation plan development
  • Materials development
  • Program positioning & messaging
  • School & volunteer recruitment
  • Event planning
  • Impact Assessment

Get involved today! If your business is interested in becoming a school partner, complete a PENCIL Partnership Program application.

For additional information, contact Geoff Stack, Manager of Business & Community Relations,
410-366-6030 x213 or


* Business Volunteers is an affiliate member of PENCIL NYC, a program which pioneered the idea of improving student achievement by developing and supporting long-term partnerships between businesses and public schools.