Building a Stronger Community

“Working together generates more impact for the community than working alone. Synergy makes us greater than the sum of our parts.”

-John Wolf, Ober|Kaler, Business Volunteers’ Founding Board Member


Business Volunteers Maryland was founded in 2003 with a mission to create a stronger community through business engagement, civic leadership and volunteerism.  Since our inception, together with our business partners, nonprofit partners and volunteers, we have made a significant positive impact on the community and we plan to do even more in the future.

Our Impact:

  • For every dollar ($1) contributed to Business Volunteers, we return five dollars ($5) to the community.
  • To date, we have completed more than 775 board matches. Thirty percent (35%) of those board members are now in leadership roles.
  • Through the coordination of 490 team volunteer projects we have helped more than 100 nonprofits improve their facilities, clean and beautify green spaces and water ways, and deliver much needed services to the community.
  • Business Volunteers has provided valuable resources and training opportunities to more than 4,480 business professionals and 1,925 nonprofit staff members.
  • Since 2003, Business Volunteers has connected more than 195,000 individuals to volunteer opportunities and has infused more than $32 million in time and talent into Central Maryland.

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